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  Positive Vibes!

      The Covid Pandemic has changed so many lives including our own!  It's never been more important to get healthy and lose  weight! 

        With support and motivation, we are very proud to be here to help, and  with hundreds of members already walking through our doors to success, we hope that you'll join us too!  

You’ll soon find that it really is “Weigh Better Together”… Promise !   


Our Classes                                          

Mon:   The Three Horses, Keighley  9.15am - with Emma

Mon:   The Three Links Club 5.30pm Skipton – with Adele

Mon:   Bramley Band Club 6pm, Bramley - with Anita

Tues :  The Three Links Club Skipton 10am – with Adele

Tues:   The New Inn, Idle 10am and 6pm - with Jane

Tues:   Baildon Methodist Church 5.30pm – with Adele

Tues:   Zoom, Where ever you are 7.30pm - with Emma

Wed:   Clayton Baptist Church  10am and 5.30pm – with Adele

Wed:   Shay Stadium Supporters Bar, Halifax - 10am with Denise

Wed:   Eldwick Church 5.30pm – with Denise

Wed:    Bilton Grange URC Church, Harrogate 5.30 - with Kim                      *OPENS ON 10th April

Thurs:  Bradford & Bingley Rugby Club   10am - with Denise

Thurs:  Ilkley Cricket Club, 9.45am - with Emma

Thurs:  Baildon Methodist Church 10am – with Adele

Thurs: Eccleshill Football Club, 5.30pm  - with Adele

Thurs:  Keighley Shared Church Hall 5.30pm – with Denise

Thurs:  Zoom,  Where ever you are 7.30pm - with Denise

Fri:        GuiseleyMethodist Church 10am - with Jane

Sat:       Keighley Shared Church Hall 9.30am – with Denise

Sat:      Thackley Cricket Club, 8.15 and 9.30am – with Adele

 Sat:     Cowling Village Hall 8.30am - with Emma



" You're in control of what you eat and nothing is off limits , no' free' foods, no fads!  Your calories your choice!  You get a set calorie budget, stick to them and you'll lose weight.  There will be ups downs (that's life)  but keep attending groups and you will soon be back on track.  Adele and Denise are fab, supportive and will help you along your journey.

 Join WBT and you will not look back "

Carol - WBT Member




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