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Frequently asked questions

What is the format of the meetings? It ‘s a half hour weigh, followed by our motivational talking point which is around 30 minutes. There will, of course, be plenty of time for a cuppa and a chat with other like minded people … our other Weigh Better Together members!

Why Calorie Counting? The NHS recognises that Calories are a good overall way to understand your food intake if you’re trying to lose weight...because when it comes to that, input vs. output is a tried and tested measure. Plus YOU get to choose what you eat.. No guilt! Stick within you’re Calorie Allowance and you should lose weight.

How did you decide on the Healthy Food List Option and Why? As Nutritionists we are committed to keeping you healthy as well as helping you to lose weight! We know that even when Calorie Counting, you’ll get the best ‘value’ for your calories and health (and you’ll be less hungry too!) if you choose your foods wisely. So whether you Calorie Count, or simply follow our Healthy Eating Option, What's on Your Plate,  you can have the confidence that you’re losing weight the honest, healthy way… The Healthy Food list was inspired by the NHS, Diabetes UK, and The British Heart Foundation, and our many years of experience in the Weight Loss /Wellness industry.

Why Two Options? Flexibility!... We’re all different, and what works for one, won’t always be the easiest/ best choice for another. You are your own ‘experts’! Choose which option will fit easily into your lifestyle as that will make it far easier for you to stick to long term. With our support (reach out if you’re struggling) we are confident that you will succeed!!

Which Option requires the most meal planning?It depends on you and your lifestyle. Honestly... if you have a good reason why losing weight is important to you, (Please do share it with us so we can help to keep you focused) which ever option you choose will be well worth the effort!

I’m Calorie Counting…. Is it OK if I don’t eat all of my Calorie Allowance? As long as you don’t feel deprived, and are not’s fine! Ask yourself though, “is this sustainable? Am I eating for health as well as for a weight loss?” It’s worth taking a look at our healthy food list to see if you’re including enough protein, fruit veg, fibre etc. Don’t worry though, because we’ll be on the look out for a healthy weight loss of one to two pounds a week… rapid weight loss on a regular basis might indicate that you’re not eating enough.

How do I choose my Goal Weight? The NHS uses a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) as a guideline to healthy weight, so that will be our starting point, but we will take into account how you feel, along with waist measurements, to help you choose a sustainable goal weight.

Will I be charged missed weeks? No…. BUT we know that attending weekly will help with your success (plus you won’t want to miss out on the fun!) SO come every week if you can!!

What happens when I get to Goal?We celebrate! PLUS we need you to keep coming to see us often so that we can help you with maintenance! When you reach your GOAL WEIGHT *Diamond status, you'll feel fantastic, and you’ll get the chance to inspire others!! We will offer you half priced meetings at £2.50 when you get there (We would love to offer free meetings to our successful members, but we know that there will be lots of them and as a new business we have to show a profit!!!)

I’m already at ‘Goal’ do I have to pay? Yes, £5 a session, but after 5 attendances, you will only pay £2.50, and achieve *Diamond Status!!


"It's so Easy!  I'm not hungry!  The groups are great and I'm loving the camaraderie and support of fellow members.  I'm almost at my goal weight and I couldn't have done it without WBT!!

Jo - Weigh Better Together Member, Keighley

How much will I pay? 

It's just £5​ a week pay as you go! No contract, and no joining fee!!

You have nothing to lose except weight!

Contact us on:

Denise 07778611584 or  Adele 07972387811

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